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Notice Note: Use "Effect" class instead if you are using in SMBX2 Beta 4 or later.

This class provides fields/functions for managing animations/effects in the current level.

Static functions

Static Animation Functions
Function Return values Description
Animation.count() number How many effects are in the level.
Animation.get() table of Animation Returns all running effects.
Animation.get(number or table ids) table of Animation Returns all running effects with the matching ids. Only running effects with the same id given by ids will be returned.
Animation.getIntersecting(number x1, number y1, number x2, number y2) table of Animation Returns all effects which are intersecting with an area from x1/y1 to x2/y2.
Animation.spawn(number effectID, number x, number y) Animation Runs/Starts a new effect.)
Animation.spawn(number effectID, number x, number y, number variant) Animation Runs/Starts a new effect. variant is choosen effect variant (some effects have various version of a effect).
Animation(number index) Animation Returns the Animation object at position index in the global Animation table. Use this constructor with caution! Use Animation.get or Animation.getIntersecting instead!! (See above)

Instance functions

These fields and functions are part of Animation Objects and have to be called for that object. Trying to call them from the static Animation class will result in an error. Example (feel free to copy it into your lua file to see how it works):

function onTick()
    for index,myAnimation in ipairs(Animation.get()) do = 2
Animation class
Type Function/Field Return values/Value type Description
Function Animation:mem(int offset, int fieldtype, object value) nil Sets a value of the Animation struct at a specific address-offset.
Function Animation:mem(int offset, int fieldtype) object Returns a value of the Animation struct at a specific address-offset.
Field Animation.x double The x coordinate of the animation.
Field Animation.y double The y coordinate of the animation.
Field Animation.speedX double The x-speed of the animation.
Field Animation.speedY double The y-speed of the animation.
Field int The animation-id of the animation.
Field Animation.width int The width of the animation.
Field Animation.height int The height of the animation.
Field Animation.subTimer int The sub-timer. Some effects use it in addition to the normal timer. If modifying "Animation.timer" doesn't work you may need to modify this value too.
Field Animation.timer int The timer (frames until finished) of the animation.
Field Animation.animationFrame int The current animation frame.
Field Animation.npcID int The npcID for effects like yoshis egg.
Field Animation.drawOnlyMask boolean If true, then only the mask will be drawn.


(Section under construction!)

Animation Memory (0x__ bytes)
Name Memory address Memory type Description
Unknown Animation+0x00 FIELD_WORD Unknown
Unknown Animation+0x02 FIELD_WORD Unknown