LunaLua v0.7.3.1 is finally released

This version provides an ability to natively run level testing from PGE Editor's call with an ability to quickly restart a level with sending latest in-editor changes, reset checkpoints, toggle playable character, etc.

Here is the changelog:

  • Added non-ASCII paths support! (LunaLUA-SMBX's root finally can be placed into a path with non-ASCII characters. But limit is: don't mix codepages (example: both Russian and Chinese characters in a path, or you will get VB Error "File not found". Same happens on Vanilla SMBX if you have been used non-local characters.))
  • Added a test-mode system which can be controlled by LunaTester inside Windows version of PGE Editor.
  • Added Graphics.getBits32 function which is a fast way to access the bits of an image resource
  • glDraw can draw with scene coordinates (sceneCoords=true as named arg)
  • Added CaptureBuffer class which allows capturing the screen at a specific render priority
  • The max id of Blocks has been increased to 700
  • Added lunabase.lua to LuaScriptsLib which is a global user script file.
  • Overworld sprite can be patched at runtime
  • Added Misc.registerCharacterId which allows registering new characters
  • Added Misc.resolveGraphicsFile which only resolves a file from a custom folder, episode folder or the graphics folder from SMBX.
  • Added Graphics.loadImageResolved which is a handy combination of Graphics.loadImage and Misc.resolveGraphicsFile, with a useful error message if it can't find anything.
  • Added PlayingSfxInstance class which represents a sound
  • Added some new defines
  • Enhanced profile.lua to be useful. Usable by hitting F3 to start and F3 to finish.
  • Add force_disable_fullscreen option to luna.ini because the smbx fullscreen is acting up for some
  • Add Player.getIntersecting

Posted 12/14/2016 02:51 by Wohlstand

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