PGE Update (Editor, Engine 0.2.6-alpha-patch-1)

This is a bugfix release which also contains editor and engine side improvements like coin counter per every block, fixed-size screenshots (custom fixed size can be declared in the application settings, in the view tab), and added greeting dialog which will ask a user which interface is preferred for convenience. Classic GUI style now has a toolbar which is similar to the toolbar which was in the legacy editor!

All downloads are been updated



Next works will hard, and would take a time because it's huge reorganizing is planned. Please don't worry, If you will find some minor or crashing bugs, feel free report me to let me emergency release a patch for it. Good Luck ;-)


Editor changelog

  • Added draggable splitter in the events toolbox
  • Added ability to define fixed size for exportable section piece
  • Fixed crash, caused by very small pictures (1 px height)
  • Added preview counter of coins in the blocks
  • Added direction arrows for warp points of pipe type
  • Fixed in-bounds of section detection used by flood-fill algorithm
  • Added ability to override grid size with custom
  • Added ability to delete all elements of specified ID
  • Fixed toolboxes visibility management
  • Fixed bug in default grid snapping value applying
  • Added a vanilla-like toolbar which will be shown when SMBX-Like GUI will be requested
  • Added item type global grid field in the lvl_blocks, lvl_bgo, lvl_npc, wld_levels, wld_paths, wld_scenery and wld_tiles INIs
  • Added welcome dialog for newbies
  • Get characters information from lvl_characters.ini instead of main.ini!
  • Fixed missed "modified" mark on elements deleting
  • Fixed the focus stealing in the "don't show properties box" mode
  • Better nearest section detection calculation by position bookmarks
  • Fixed some missed "file modified" triggers
  • Fixed confused events history tracking
  • Added a scroll area into "Warps and Doors" toolbox


Engine 0.2.6-patch-1

  • Fixed some NPC-AI API properties
  • Added GIF recorder (working everywhere, by F11 key press)
  • Fixed rendering of lua-rendered stuff hidden by message boxes
  • Added support of Z-Index for image and text rendering from lua code
  • Config pack selection dialog has been reorganized into a scene (that allows using a joystick in it, making screenshots from it and even recording GIFs from it!). It's one of the steps to reducing Qt usage on the engine side. Target is using QCoreApplication only to reduce the size of engine's static build.
  • Font manager has been improved and fixed
  • Special pause menu for the level testing mode with ability to restart the level!
  • Don't close IPC-ran level on restarting

Posted 11/29/2016 06:57 by Wohlstand

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