Nightly Windows builds of PGE now are full!

Since we are seted up own continuous integration server, coded in the bash, winbatch and bit PHP, which working on address, we are able to do nightly builds longer than 1 hour (appveyor limits any builds in 1 hour, to build full PGE package need more than 1 hour on a slow machine, therefore appveyour is able to build PGE Editor only).

Now we can provide full nightly built packages of PGE for Windows!

New continuous integration server is based on Cent OS 7 machine which uses a Wine environment with pre-installed Qt 5.5.1 (will be upgrated to 5.6 when it will be finally released) and MinGW. It's possible to use MinGW-w64 cross-compiler to build a static versions of PGE which don't require any additional DLLs. Wine-based building system gives the ability to correctly deploy shared-based build which currently is more compact. Wine is much more compact and effective than virtual machine with running Windows and requires less memory.


Fresh nightly built developing versions of PGE builds are available here:



Posted 03/01/2016 04:15 by Wohlstand

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