TheXTech v1.3.6.5: not just a bugfix update

This is a minor update that adds some features, and fixes a variety of vanilla and TheXTech bugs found in the previous releases.

Changelog for

New features:

  • Added an experimental Sub-Hubs sub-system: it's will be possible to mark any level as a "sub-hub" where player can save the game and resume it from that level instead of the main hub (@Wohlstand)
  • Added the CopyVar command to the LunaScript which allows to copy value of one user variable to another (@Wohlstand)
  • Allow asset packs to customize Font 5 (outlined mixed-case font) (@ds-sloth)
  • Added automatical language detection for Vita (@Wohlstand)
  • Misc stability and performance improvements for the 3DS and Wii ports (@ds-sloth, @Wohlstand)

New vanilla bugfixes:

  • Fix vanilla bug where an incorrect frame gets shown when player attempts to enter the star-locked pipe, guarded by compat flag fix-visual-bugs (@Wohlstand)
  • Fix a vanilla graphical bug where an NPC emerging upwards from a block might use the wrong frame and width (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix the logical size of an NPC emerging downwards from a block, guarded by compat flag fix-npc-emerge-size (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix a vanilla bug where blocks could become intangible to NPCs after a coin switch was used (@ds-sloth)
  • Add a terminal velocity of 16 for lineguide platform blocks, guarded by compat flag fix-platform-acceleration (@ds-sloth)

TheXTech bugfixes:

  • Fix TheXTech 1.3.6 bug where auto movement on the world map was not reset when switching episodes (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix TheXTech 1.3.6 bug where dropping a player at the world map removed their mount (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix TheXTech editor bug where NPCs could not be erased from a battle level (@ds-sloth)
  • The fails counter now increments whenever any player dies (not just P1) (@ds-sloth)
  • Add a workaround for a memory exhaustion error from lineguide platform blocks (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix TheXTech 1.3.6 bug where carefully-constructed single-frame wall clips would not work in TheXTech (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix TheXTech 1.3.6 bug where the vanilla player-filter-bounce bug was not correctly reproduced in TheXTech (@ds-sloth)
  • Fixed a leak of file descriptors in the translations sub-system (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed the problem when anti-cheat trap will break levels in the editor (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed the unexpected fade-in effect that gets played during any level quits by warps (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed the incorrect work of the touch screen on PS Vita (@Wohlstand)

Known issues

  • 3DS and Wii ports do not run at the native system resolution.
  • Audio may be choppy on Old 3DS.
  • On Wii U, can't run the WUHB-packed game via Aroma in the second time because of possible Aroma-side bug.
  • On Wii U, Attempt to quit the WUHB-ran game will lead a black screen when running it via Aroma.
  • On Windows 10 when running OpenGL with some ~2006 Intel iGPU on laptop, game would crash (possibly fixed).

All details and downloads are on the project page!

Posted 04/23/2024 04:43 by Wohlstand

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