TheXTech v1.3.6.3: Bugfixes update

The new stable version of TheXTech has been released!

This is a small update that fixes small a set of bugs found in the previous releases.

Since this version, the Alt-Run button will be used instead of the Down button to perform the ground pount using a Purple "horse". The Down button behaviour will work when playing with the compatibility mode.

Changelog for

  • Fixed a TheXTech crash where object lookup table could not process items with negative size (@ds-sloth)
  • On level load, replace negative item sizes with size zero (such items cannot be created by any editor)
  • Fix TheXTech bug where item would drop above incorrect player in SharedCoop mode (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix rare TheXTech 1.3.6 bug where newly-added player could get stuck in immune state if other player died (@ds-sloth)
  • Display current version (and git revision if a dev build) on title screen (@ds-sloth)
  • Wii U port: add WUHB build (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix TheXTech bug where the score display would not show '9's when using legacy assets (@ds-sloth)
  • Use the ANGLE shader translator library to improve support for OpenGL ES 3.0 shaders on desktop platforms (@ds-sloth)
  • Fix vanilla / TheXTech bug where a player could clip into ground while standing on a downwards-moving slope, guarded by fix-player-downward-clip compat flag (@ds-sloth)
  • CONTROLS / LOGIC CHANGE: when riding a purple pet mount, alt run is now used to enter a pound (down is still used in compat mode) (@0lhi, @ds-sloth, @Wohlstand)
  • Fix TheXTech modern mode bug where simultaneous slope-ground collisions were not handled properly (@ds-sloth)

Known issues

  • On Wii U, can't run the WUHB-packed game via Aroma in the second time because of possible Aroma-side bug.
  • On Wii U, Attempt to quit the WUHB-ran game will lead a black screen when running it via Aroma.
  • On Windows 10 when running OpenGL with some ~2006 Intel iGPU on laptop, game would crash.
  • On Emscripten, edited levels may be lost after closing the game.

All details and downloads are on the project page!

Posted 01/21/2024 03:00 by Wohlstand

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