TheXTech v1.3.6.1: Internationalisation, OpenGL, etc.

The new stable version of TheXTech has been released!

We worked on this update long and hard, and now we're ready to present a bunch of new features and fixes! This is a checkpoint release after which there are major works will be started. But don't worry, if any issue occurs with this version, hotfixes will be released.

Note: To get the full power of TheXTech while making new projects, the special Moondust Devkit configuration package is suggested (the latest laboratory Moondust Devkit required until the next stable devkit version release).

Note 2: In order to gain access to all the new features, you should upgrade your assets package. Old ones will remain functional but do not contain the additions needed for features like new sound effects, the built-in editor, additional meta-signs, etc.

Note 3: Some options of the compat.ini file were renamed in order to get rid of references to proprietary content. We highly recommend renaming these fields at your episodes as soon as possible. (Details at the wiki)

Note 4: If you want to enable multi-language system, you are required to install new assets packages (you need to have `fonts` and `languages` sub-directories in your assets package).

All details and downloads are on the project page!

Most important changes

  • Added real kind of internationalisation: fonts are able to print non-ASCII, TTF support, and multi-languages support. The game since now can be translated into other languages. This update makes TheXTech being a first branch of SMBX that features native multi-language support. While SMBX being English-only all the time, gives a lot of limitations to the whole world: a lot of people just don't know English, and the multi-languages support will get them to better understand the game and much easier get into it!
  • Experimental OpenGL support that allows bitmask render to bring back the support for colour tricks that were used at several vanilla levels and episodes and packed games (for example, "Reign of the Gatekeepers").
  • Added Homebrew Switch support. The game is now able to work on hacked Switch consoles or on emulators such as Yuzu.
  • Updated SDL2 and MixerX libraries. There are more game controllers got supported, and the support of existing controllers had been fixed somewhere. Now the game supports new music formats such as WavPack (wv) and PXTone (ptcop and pttune).
  • Added opt-in Discord Rich Presense support for these players who want to tell more about the game that they play. It's disabled by default, and you can enable it by editing of the settings/thextech.ini file.
  • The keyhole framerate fix now enabled permanently. That means, if you run an episode for speedrun, pay attention that keyhole exit will add 192 ticks instead of 300 as it was originally. The vanilla game used a different frame rate (100fps instead of 65fps) during keyhole exits which led to an inflated In-Game Time.
  • Various in-game editor features including the Magic Block automatic tiling mode, a first for the SMBX ecosystem!
  • Performance improvements that lower the game logic's CPU consumption on low-end systems.

Read full changelog at the "changelog.txt" file in the packages or in the source code archives.


Posted 10/14/2023 09:59 by Wohlstand

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