TheXTech v1.3.6: LunaDLL scripts, better controller support, etc.

We worked on this update long and hard, and now we're ready to present a bunch of new features and fixes!

Note 1: To make use of TheXTech's full potential while designing new levels, the special Moondust Devkit configuration package is recommended (the latest laboratory Moondust Devkit is required until the next stable devkit version release).

Note 2: In order to gain access to all the new features, you should upgrade your assets package. Old ones will remain functional but do not contain the additions needed for features like new sound effects, the built-in editor, additional meta-signs, etc.

Note 3: Some options of the compat.ini file were renamed in order to get rid of references to proprietary content. We highly recommend renaming these fields at your episodes as soon as possible. (Details at the wiki)

See details:

All details and downloads are on the project page!

Most important changes

  • The controllers' support has been reworked and improved: multiple profiles, more than one button/axes assigned to the same button, editable hotkeys, intuitive controller assignment between players on cooperative/battle games, and the touchscreen controller's general improvement (users can now tweak the touchscreen controller's layout for their convenience). The touchscreen controller now also works on any non-Android platforms (including Windows and Linux devices that feature a touchscreen).
  • Added real-time per-section SPC-like echo and reverb effects which can be used by episode creators to improve the atmosphere on their levels.
  • Added experimental built-in Editor, made for working on levels and episodes on mobile devices and consoles. Can be used on desktop platforms as well.
  • Introducing native support for LunaDLL Autocode (LunaScript) via the memory emulator, allowing you to play more old episodes on TheXTech even on non-x86 processors. Episodes and packed games (such as A2XT, Episode 1: Analog Funk) now officially work on the TheXTech engine.
  • Introducing the quad-tree optimisation for blocks which resolves a very old performance problem caused by horizontal layer motion.

Changes for 1.3.6

  • Added an ability to toggle drawing of the HUD and other on-screen metadata using the F1 key (@Wohlstand)
  • Added an ability to type cheats on the touchscreen using a special new cheats key (@Wohlstand, @ds-sloth)
  • Added native support for LunaDLL Autocode script language (@Wohlstand)
  • Added fail-counter feature (keeps counting deaths per game save) (@Wohlstand)
  • Reworked controller support (@ds-sloth)
  • Touchscreen support for non-Android platforms (@ds-sloth)
  • Added the ability to save multiple keyboard profiles (@ds-sloth)
  • New multiplayer start screen (@ds-sloth with design input from @0lhi)
  • Added controller disconnect recovery screen (@ds-sloth)
  • Ground pound by alt run is now a per-controller setting (@ds-sloth)
  • Added an ability to add/drop the second player from the pause menu (@ds-sloth)
  • Added the support for real-time audio effects such as reverb and SPC echo. Sounds.ini can configure them for each level section (@Wohlstand)
  • Performance improvements for showing, hiding and moving layers (@ds-sloth)
  • Reduced game object memory footprint (@ds-sloth)
  • Performance improvements when run on slow filesystems (@ds-sloth)
  • Fixed unexpected music that got started after the level got entered too quick from the world map (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed the vanilla bug: a Player can get stuck in the pipe when entering it being a fairy (@Wohlstand)
  • Added an option to enable fast walking on the world map (@ds-sloth, @Wohlstand)
  • Added an ability to customize UI/common assets from the episode and level sides (@Wohlstand)
  • Added a blink effect at speedrun timer on level/episode completion (@Wohlstand)
  • Added an in-game editor based on the original game's editor code (requires EditorIcons.png asset) (@ds-sloth)
  • Added config option to show the current episode's title onscreen (@ds-sloth)
  • Fixed the clipped render of the Roto-Disk's effect (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed the lock/star sign behaviour at locked two-way warps: now they work correctly at the opposite side (@Wohlstand)
  • Added an ability to set a different path for the user directory by command line argument (@Wohlstand)
  • Blocked an ability to start the game with no episodes or battle levels available in the list and prevented several issues with this (@Wohlstand)
  • Added option to disable or always perform 2x texture scale down optimization (@ds-sloth)
  • Added the ability to have multiple intro levels per assets pack (if the introset directory exists and it contains at least one level file, they will be selected randomly every time when the main menu opens) (@Wohlstand)
  • Added game selection menu into Android launcher: every browsed assets directory will be remembered and can be accessed quickly using the new menu (@Wohlstand)
  • Added the individual sound for Ludwig von Koopa's death (@Wohlstand)
  • Added the individual sound for Larry Koopa's death and shell spinning after stomp (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed an improper new (when specific compatibility option is not disabled) behaviour of the Skull Raft when the head segment impacts a wall but loses a floor at the same time, causing the following segments to suspend forever (@Wohlstand)
  • Fixed the issue of a possible fall through the floor if walking point-blank to a block that had an extracted bonus and another solid block placed under it (does not happen if the "fix-player-downward-clip" option was disabled) ( (@Wohlstand)
  • Removed the "require-ground-to-enter-warps" compat.ini option as redundant: there is the native option of LVLX and 38A-LVL level formats to enable this behaviour. (@Wohlstand)
  • Some options of the compat.ini have been renamed (for backward compatibility, there are aliases kept for now) (@Wohlstand)
  • Added the individual sound for Link's iceball shoot (@Wohlstand)


Posted 09/12/2022 11:13 by Wohlstand

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