February development news (PGE & LunaLUA)

PGE Editor

After a bit of work, PGE Editor now has much better integration with SMBX:

  • It's no longer required to launch SMBX Editor to test SMBX levels, SMBX level editor window will be launched automatically when you will want to test a SMBX level in PGE Editor.
  • Compatibility with Vanilia builds, you still do a test even LunaLUA is not installed, but you should start a dummy episode yourself.
  • configure.exe (a tool provided with SMBX Integration config pack) now gives a flexible configuring of configuration package: it will automatically import custom musics and sound names from music.ini and sounds.ini presented in LunaLUA-SMBX, and it will convert all SFX'es in the Vanilia-SMBX into OGG format to allow compatibility with SDL Mixer Ext library.



LunaLua v0.7.3 is finally released! Kevsoft apologizes for long waiting, since this version has a lot of critical changes.
Please make sure that your CC12 level works with this version of LunaLua!


SDL Mixer X - a fork of SDL Mixer library

Recent update now finally allws us to have fixed resampling, therefore all applications which use it no longer play garbage on non-44100 hz music files!



Note: Auto-starting of episode will work if you have LunaLUA 0.7.3. If you have older LunaLUA, SMBX will start in a game mode with escaping of the startup web-window, therefore to launch a level test, you should start playing episode "_temp_episode_pge" which should appear in a list.

SMBX Integration configuration package is available from the Online Installer. It also can be downloaded here.

Detailed changelogs:

PGE Editor changes ( [dev]):

  • Fixed custom folder confusion caused with dot-contained file namesLevel list dialog now looks for level files in sub directories (is possible to collect levels into sub-directories to don't flood episode root folder)
  • Better testing through SMBX on Windows version
  • Added support for reading SMBX65-38A LVL file format (WLD, WLS and writing are still WIP)
  • Fixed miss up of order priority applying for BGO-190
  • Added circle fill
  • Added grid showing
  • Added separated support of portal and instant warps: instant warp will do same as in SMBX, portal warp will teleport character with keeping of keenetic energy
  • NPC-Containers now support saving of extra special properties for contents (LVLX and SMBX65-38A only), SMBX64 LVL supports extra special filed for one NPC container only (herb which includes magic potion)

PGE Engine changes ([dev]):

  • Fixed custom folder confusion caused with dot-contained file names
  • Added more physical environment zone types, including air chambers for underwater sections
  • Added separated support of portal and instant warps: instant warp will do same as in SMBX, portal warp will teleport character with keeping of keenetic energy
  • Added support for entering events for warps
  • Added support for two-way directed warps
  • Added support for cannon exit warps

LunaLua 0.7.3 changes:

  • Custom images can now be drawn behind SMBX sprites.
  • Hardcoded images can now be patched via hardcoded-*.png
  • Added new compareLunaVersion for version checking
  • Added new event onKeyboardPress which handles raw keyboard input
  • Added new draw function (Graphics.draw [Named args])
  • Added new OpenGL drawing system (Graphics.glDraw [Named args])
  • Added new lua based pause function: Misc.pause, Misc.unpause, Misc.isPausedByLua
  • Improvement [LunaLua]: Refactored mainV2.lua for better performance and smaller code
  • Added new function for better controlling the loop: onTick, onTickEnd, onDraw, onDrawEnd
  • Improvement [LunaLua]: onHUDDraw and onCameraUpdate now have the camera index as argument.
  • Improvement [LunaLua]: onMessageBox can now be cancelled
  • Added FIELD_BOOL which can be used for the mem-functions.
  • Added NPC.get overload with only the npc-id as argument.
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: SMBX doesn't crash anymore, if you pass nil to some LunaLua functions.
  • Improvement [LunaLua]: The max npc id is now 300
  • Added NPC:harm
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Tiles can now correctly be replaced with PNGs.
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: PlayerSetting.height was pointing to players width
  • Extended Camera class
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Cheat defines now don't reset.
  • Added registerCustomEvent, so you can create custom events from your APIs.
  • Added event onCameraUpdate and Camera.x, Camera.y is now writeable.
  • Added a lot of new world map classes.
  • Added Misc.doPSwitchRaw - You can now trigger the raw P-Switch effect.
  • Added Misc.doPSwitch - You can now trigger the full P-Switch effect.
  • Added Misc.doBombExplosion - You can now spawn bomb explosions.
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Misc.resolveFile and Misc.resolveDirectory don't crash anymore and works faster now.
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Some unreliability of Animation.spawn has been fixed.
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Level sounds.ini now works correctly when using from the main game
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Hitboxes and offsets are now reset before loading a new level or world
  • Bugfix [LunaLua]: Misc.loadEpisode now works also without Autostart ini file.
  • Added onStart - This event is the better "onLoad". This event will be executed, when SMBX is running the first frame.
  • Fixed music.ini bug which wasn't supported track number suffix for NSF/HES/etc. multi-track musics
  • NPCs can now be killed, even if they are hidden.
  • Add width/height properties to LuaImageResource.
  • Allow onNPCKill to be cancelled.

New update completely changes NPC-Container configuration, therefore you no longer need to manually define NPC-placer button in lvl_npc.ini. Instead you have the ability to configure any NPC with special parameter even if it's stored into container (container itself no longer uses special1 field. Instead, it uses its own "content" field)

Latest and freshest dev-builds can be downloaded here:

Also you can build PGE from source code yourself:
(Note: If you get "Config pack outdated" message, ignore it until I will officially release a new update. To avoid that window you need to copy INI-files from my git repisotory and replace all files in "configs/SMBX" folder.)

Don't forget that this version is still in works and some bugs and glitches may appear, so, please report to me about any troubles and bugs with PGE Apps, and I will try to fix them.

Posted 02/08/2016 10:59 by Wohlstand

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