PGE Update (Editor, Engine 0.2.5-alpha)

This is a bugfix update which contains partial optimization works, that increase performance of the editor and the engine.
We're sorry that it took us a bit too long for a new update, we had to do a lot of work over common optimization which is still unfinished yet.

This update contains mainly important bugfixes and better stability. Read the changelog ("Read more...") for more information.

Also, Happy New Year!

Editor changelog

  • Fixed a bug with removed warp entrance point
  • Fixed detection of library paths (such as "platforms") while dynamically built PGE Apps are locating in the folder with non-ascii path
  • Added support for config pack's folder binding GIFs2PNG GUI (non-existing masks will be retrieved from current config pack!)
  • Uses Bleeze theme on KDE, XFCE, OS X and on Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug with multi-selection item dialog where it would be impossible to add NPCs into custom counter
  • Added ability to copy any parameters/metrics of any placed element
  • Added a good protection which avoids accidental run of multiple copies of PGE Engine for testing


Engine 0.2.5 changelog

  • Fixed a crash on NPC placement with interprocessing
  • Sprites in real-time placing mode will be aligned to center of the mouse now, instead of the left-top corner
  • Background color of screen padding is now not always black
  • Fixed a detection of library paths (such as "platforms") while dynamically built PGE Apps are located in the folder with non-ascii path
  • Players can now attack multiple NPCs at one stomp
  • Players can now safely walk from ridable NPCs without jumps
  • Removed a workaround that disabled player getting hurt while it's flying up, because player finally can safely stomp healthy NPCs
  • Added experimental translator
  • Optimized memory usage and increased performance
  • PGE Engine now uses FreeImage library to load graphics
  • Finally resolved a trouble with lazily-made graphics: all masked-gif graphics are merging via bit-blit algorithm


Also, good news for GIFs2PNG users: now you can use config pack specific masks for episodes where images contain no masks. Without those masks, target PNG image will have a black background, since the mask won't be detected.

All downloads are available on the main page!

Note for OS X Users: PGE Engine will not work on OpenGL greater than 3.1 because it still uses legacy functions. Currently we're working on an update for PGE Engine's OpenGL to shader usage to finally make it work correctly. Sorry for temporary inconvenients. (PGE Editor still works though)

Posted 01/01/2016 05:10 by Wohlstand

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