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Wohlstand M
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Wohlstand M
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Post #1by Wohlstand » 8 Jan 2016, 5:57

Hello everyone!

I think, you found that we are now finally using updated forum engine: phpBBex 2.0 (based on phpBB 3.1.6!)!

What's new?
  • All new features available on the phpBB 3.1.6 are available here!
  • Full features Mobile UI! (works with both styles: "PGE Forum style", "Super Mario" and "prosilver")
  • Notifications system
  • etc.

Also styles are been updated too:
  • All styles now are supports seasoning! (style will have view dependent to season: spring/summer, autumn, winter)
  • "Super Mario" style which works in the "Original SMBX" category has been improved and now it has 9 different footer scenes and seasoning support too.

Updated version of main site is coming soon!

tb1024 M
tb1024 M
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Post #2by tb1024 » 8 Jan 2016, 10:49

This forum theme makes no sense for me. It's incredibly hot in here.

New engine design overall is fantastic, though.
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Mal posso esperar para a versão final da engine de Wolhstand!
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I can't wait for Wohlstand's Engine final version :D

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