Frog Suit and Penguin Suit swimming physics

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Tricolor BombDX
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Tricolor BombDX
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Post #1by Tricolor BombDX » 30 Apr 2020, 19:30

There's something that should definitely not happen, everytime you have either Frog Suit and Penguin Suit and then jump on the water
this happens
Honeycam 2020-04-30 13-02-16.gif

Regardless if I hold or press the directional keys (up, down, left, right) or jump keys, this acceleration upon entering the water can't be stopped, the higher the falling speed, the deeper the player goes down (Apply to Frog and Penguin Suits only)

This acceleration shouldn't even be reproduced upon entering the water as shown in the original game

Honeycam 2020-04-30 13-20-00.gif
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