Super Mario Bros. Special 1-1 Remastered

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Post #1by Iggy » 15 Apr 2020, 12:18

Now many of you may not even know what Super Mario Bros Special even is. For those who don't know it was a game developed by Hudsonsoft in 1986 for the Sharp X1 and PC-88. Now this game had many problems the levels couldn't scroll, the color palette hurts your eyes, the game had slowdown problems, sometimes enemies wouldn't hurt, the whole experience was rough. So I've decided to give the first level the SMAS treatment. All the scripts, events, graphics, and other misc. things are taken directly from my Super Mario Bros. Remastered project.

Here's what the original game looked like:
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

And here's what my remake looks like:

More than anything this is just me messing around and making a proof-of-concept for a remake of Super Mario Bros. Special.

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