Enable Screen Effects for Instant, Loop, and Entrance/Exit Warps

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Post #1by Void-the-Bat » 3 Dec 2019, 22:37

I've noticed the screen effects only work with pipe and door warps if they aren't a level entrance/exit warp. I think the remaining warp types should also be able to use screen effects. For Instant and Loop exit warps, I've noticed the player completely disappears when touching the warp before the level ends. This seems a little redundant, and the level should instantly end if the player touches those types of exit warps. If the Instant and Loop warps in general had a screen effect, then the screen should freeze as the effect takes place until the warping (including exit warps) is finished.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the scroll screen effect. It would be nice if there were extra options to determine where the camera moves during the scrolling, similar to the clear pipes.
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