A few wing types + enemy improvements

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Post #1by Void-the-Bat » 3 Dec 2019, 2:32

There's a few wing types I'd like to suggest, along with a few improvements to already existing NPCs.

One of these would be the SMW Yellow Paratroopa Wing AI, where it doesn't bounce or fly, but instead just walk like normal and moves towards the player's position. Another one that I know at least one other person has suggested is the SMB3 Red Para-Goomba/SMW Para-Galoomba AI.

Speaking of the SMW Yellow Paratroopa, it's normal variant actually has a missing mechanic. In SMW, knocking it out of its shell actually drops a coin. Maybe an advanced value could be added that toggles if a coin is dropped or not?
If you need help with anything related to SMBX38A (that isn’t TeaScript) come ask me. I know quite a bit about how expanded NPC text codes and other stuff works.

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