New Super Mario Bros: Shattered Dimensions (Heavy W.I.P)

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Topic author, Passerby
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Post #1by Chiller » 14 Aug 2019, 5:04

Hey! You that actually comes to this forum ( specifically you, the person that's here) I'm Chiller and I''m new to the site. I'm working on a maybe epic episode called New Super Mario Bros: Shattered Dimensions for SMBX 1.4.5. It's in a very heavy (W.I.P) and might take a long time to make. When the episode is done I'll send it out to you guys and I might add some DLC expansion packs for those people who just want more levels. I'm lonely right at the moment and don't know how to script with teascript or make graphics and suck at making world maps so if any body want's to join my team. Email me.

A demo might come out soon............

Update: Got Screenshots
LOL Screenshot.PNG

Ps. School is coming up and I only got Fridays and weekends to work on this so it's I might not add that much stuff here cause School and if anybody here is good at Teascript can you make me a switch palace script that add the switch blocks through out the levels you play in this episode if possible thanks.

Update ( I need a world map creator So if you want to make a beautiful world map for me P.M me or write a reply)
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Post #2by WellyGames » 1 Sep 2019, 6:58

need screenshots
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