A new project with some Mario characters ( I will figure out the title soon)

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Post #1by ApoelUltras79 » 12 Aug 2019, 22:14

Hello everyone :bye:. First off I am new to this site so I might make some mistakes which I don't even notice so pls go easy on me and tell me politely what I am doing wrong :blush:. I came up with an idea of creating a new Mario game on smbx 1.4.5 with 7 different worlds ( sorry not 8 :( ). Some worlds will not be similar from other mario games but the most of them will be. Some will be short some medium and some long.
About that, the first world will be as always the first plain world from all Mario games, the plains or whatever you call it. The second world will not be the desert land :biggrin: ,but a mini yoshi's island which is not in original super mario bros games but has a connection :) . Desert world will be the third world but will be mixed with the water sea world :) , so it will be like desert sea islands or something like that ( I will figure out soon the name). World 4 on the other hand will be a brand new and completely different world which is not seen in any Mario game but has a connection with Mario brothers, ladies and gentlemans Wario's and Waluigi's Pinball mine :acute: ( I really hope you like this world because I am trying to make it beautiful, it is my personal favourite world of the game). World 5 will be a mix of 3 worlds which is seen in many Mario games the jungle, snow and mountain world, if you combine these 3 worlds you have a snowy mountain forest :) ( this world will not be the entire of it covered with forest, It will be a part of it, you will see). Moving on on the 6th world which is based on Super Mario galaxy games, a world outside of Earth on outer space and the moon ( before you get to the moon in world 6 will contain some other smaller objects before that, I just made that to make the world more attractive, you will see). And the final world as always the final on almost every Mario game, Bowser's kindom, but this time because you already get to the moon, world 8 will be on planet Venus, an extremely hot planet suitable for Bowser's kindom there ( I will mention that Bowser doesn't own that kindom but Dark Bowser, you will see in the plot why :mocking: ).

Summing Up the 7 worlds:
World 1: Plains
World 2: Yoshi's island
World 3: Tropical desert
World 4: Wario's and Waluigi's gold pinball
World 5: Snowy mountain forest
World 6: Outer space and the Moon
World 7: Dark Bowser's Venus kindom
Characters in general:
I still don't know all the characters which I will include yet, but I know all the Playable characters.
Playable characters ( Note: Every playable character will play on a specific world or level without changing him):
Mario ( World 1,3,5,6)
Luigi ( World 1,3,5,6)
Wario (World 4)
Waluigi (World 4)
Yoshi (World 2)
Bowser (World 7)
I don't know the story or the plot yet, but it will surely not be again the classic Princess kindnaped by Bowser. I will come up soon with one.
Conclusion: Alright after you read my topic, I suggest you firstly vote and tell me your opinion below. Also reccomend me do something if you want to and tell me any of my mistakes. I am looking forward for your replies :good: . If you are also willing to help me comment below. Screenshots are coming soon so don't worry.
I have an addiction to creating and getting more and more :)
One day I hope they notice my creations :whistle:

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