Luigi & Spaghetti 2138 Project Announcement

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Post #1by MalayanGamer2000 » 5 Dec 2018, 13:30


Hell Everybody and today i like to announce a new project that i been working since many days ago, as it was an Super Mario Bros X Episode called "Luigi & Spaghetti 2138". Fun fact i got this idea when i watching Vinesauce Vinny video called "[Vinesauce] Vinny - Shitty Luigi Games". When i watch this i saw title that Vinny wants to play but he never got played, it's named was Luigi & Spaghetti. So i went search that and i found that it was a Spanish Ms Dos game made in 1992. So i clicked on one of those videos, and i eventually stumbled upon this comment and it read:

In the far future, a single mega corporation has bought rights for every intellectual property in existence, including CGI recreations of long dead celebrities from decades past. Nintendo has come and gone long ago, and only Luigi is left with the fractured memories of his past. His sky high jumps are reduced to pain wracked hops. He makes a meager living in his last game ever... "Luigi & Spaghetti." A game that is a mish-mash of cultural symbols that have lost their true meaning to most alive today.

Luigi impulsively jumps on eggs, which represent his past unwanted memories. Each hidden in a tangible shell that must be destroyed before it breaks open and the terrible memory manifests itself into a hopping menace. Along with him is his last friend, "Spaghetti" a giant multcolored worm. Luigi named it after one of the few happy memories he can still remember, lot'sa spaghetti.

Once the level is cleared of eggs, Luigi can rescue holograms of famous actors like Harrison Ford, Kevin Sorbo and one of the 15 guys that played Tarzan. Luigi isn't in it for the money, it's an exercise that keeps him going, a constant trek through his foggy memories. (Superimpose images of Luigi riding an egg over the sea and being turned into an egg by Magikoopa here.) A cloudy, white memory that forms the shell of the infinite egg.

When i reading that comments I've got an idea to create a game based on this comment but with change some stuff of course. And this game was an Episode for Super Mario Bros X Version 1.4.4, so if you are interesting on this project you can submit your ideas and thoughts for this particular project. Ok, peace out.

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