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This episode is a collection of 3 levels about "Funny Faces" which were created by me. The 3 levels are separately named "The Invasion of Funny Faces""The Invasion of Funny Faces - Gaiden" and "Funny Quest". The first level was created for one level of "Tower of Tieba"-a level-collecting episode from Baidu Tieba in China,which was led by KFCMario in 2015 and similar to "Tower of Biased",while the second and the third level was separately created for levels of "Island of Tieba" in 2017 and "Planet of Tieba" in 2018,which were led by Yave Yu. Some GFXs of the same objects in different levels are varied,for these levels were created in different time. For example,the GFX of Funny Face is original one from Baidu Tieba at first,but in later level its GFX is replaced with pixelated one. And the first level was created in the 1.3 version of SMBX,so it is impossible for you to beat this level in a normal way in the 1.4.4 version. That's why I allocated this episode into two parts specially,the former part can be played in the 1.3/ version while the latter one can be played in the 1.4.4 version. But,I recommend that you should play the former part,because language in the latter part is all CHINESE! I'm sorry that I'm just a high school student from China and I don't have any time to translate these messages into English,so if you want to understand the plot in these levels a little better,you'd better play the former part at first.
    And you needn't to worry about language problems,I will write some tips that will help you beat levels so that you can play them more easily.

    The Invasion of Funny Faces:
One clear morning, Mario was on his way to Peach Castle. However, the princess had been kidnapped AGAIN! What's more,it turned out to be nothing to do with Bowser. Soon after,an army of Funny Faces invaded the Mushroom Kingdom,and two stranger-one was a Kirby with a yellow cap whose name was HengShao and the other one was a mushroom with a funny emotion on his face who was Hengshao's cousin called Funny Mushroom-made a sudden appearance! They said they would help Mario drive Funny Faces away and rescue Princess Peach on condition that Mario assist in managing something difficult. What would happen and who were these guys?How would this trip go on?

    The Invasion of Funny Faces - Gaiden:
One day in summer holiday,a SMBX fan named HengShao had no inspiration to create a level and decided to take a walk to relax himself. A Snivy in white-who was called Slash-abc and the leader of Hel Studio-told HengShao that one who absorb Funny Force(which was spelt 'Funny Power' in the level "The Invasion of Funny Faces") would gain a great deal of inspiration. With the help of Creeportoise-who was a tortoise with a head of Creeper and HengShao's classmate,HengShao set off on a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom to find the appropriate oblation to call the KING OF FUNNY FACE who was king of all funny faces,and HengShao's cousin and helpers-Funny Four Fever would also come to his aid! Would HengShao get Funny Force?Let's go and see!

    Funny Quest:
This event took place 3 years after the event of "The Invasion of Funny Faces". Hengshao,who was a high school student and buried in endless homework now,had to find Funny Force to cure the dying Funny Tree which was grown by him near his home 3 years ago. Words came that a ritual of resurrection bringing the King of Funny Face alive would take place in a dungeon which was built by Ancient Tribe many years ago in the Mushroom Kingdom. So in a day of summer holiday,Hengshao set off on a trip to Mushroom Kingdom again. Would he succeed?

    The Invasion of Funny Faces - Gaiden:
①At first,you need to find Slash-abc in Hel Studio,he will tell you that in order to find Funny Force,you need to grow a giant Funny Tree and find the MOST terrible woman as a oblation to call the King of Funny Face. And then,go home and check the fridge,you will find a funny fruit and a bag of Jin Kela(a kind of fertilizer). Walk out and grow it,with the assistance of Jin Kela,the funny fruit grows into a giant Funny Tree instantly.
    ②Go into the hole,where Creeportoise builds his secret base,and talk to Creeportoise,he will tell you he will help you to find the appropriate oblation to call the King of Funny Face. But Creeportoise need 10 components to create some  machines,he will give you some TNTs to find a way out to collect 10 components. Hold the TNT and throw it at the ground near Creeportoise,you may find a new way! Collect 10 components now,and Funny Four Fever will help you on half way!
    ③Something about Funny Four Fever:
    Funawks is a yellow parrot,when you lift him,he will take you flying!
    Funnle Dee is a blue Waddle Dee,he will offer you some useful tools like TNTs on half way!
    Funnoopa is a giant green Dark Koopa with a purple shell,he will carry you passing some dangerous places.
    Funshooter is a red Peashooter,when you lift it,it will shoot numbers of funny peas to attack enemies.
    ④After collecting 10 components,a message will appear to remind you that you make it. Return to the place where Creeportoise is with the help of Funawks,and find Funny Mushroom and talk to him,he says he will come to your aid. Go into the dimension shuttle and you will be warped to Mushroom Kingdom. You need to kidnap Princess Peach(yes,believe it or not),after kidnapping her,Bowser will appear and fight to you,defeat him and let him lose his memory temporarily by the attack of Funshooter's funny pea. Go back to find Funny Mushroom,on half way a mysterious shadow will steal your all 20 funny coins with which you need to give Creeportoise as a reward. But a red plumper appear suddenly and you ask him to collect them so his kingdom and the princess will be rescued. Funny Faces go into space,so we will step in their foots. But,how to enter the rocket created by Creeportoise......?emmm......Image
    ⑤After defeating Funny Slime in the rocket,Mario has defeated the King of Funny Face. However,due to a guy's travelling through time arbitrarily,the plot is a little different from the one in "The Invasion of Funny Faces".Shadow-Slash,who is the shadow form of Slash-abc and used to be the shadow of Slash-abc,had stolen Professor E. Gadd's time machine and travelled through time to get Funny Force under the request of buyer. He robs Funny Force but later be defeated by our red hero. However,our red hero touch Funny Force in a incorrect way and turn into his funny form! He will eat a tyrant in the best spaghetti shop in the world,you must stop his crazy action!
    ⑥Our red hero has many lives and it is impossible for that pink guy to defeat him,but that pink guy's classmate help him defeat our red hero drive the Soul of King of Funny Face away by squashing him with the rocket. At last,Princess Peach and our red hero return to Mushroom Kingdom safely,and the pink guy and his friends go home. Although the pink guy didn't get Funny Force,he finally get some inspiration to create SMBX levels. The level he created is called......"The Invasion of Funny Faces "

    Funny Quest:
①When you arrive at the B1F of the dungeon,you can get Funny Stick. The block that under a coin can be lifted.
    ②After getting Funny Stick,your behavior is like the one of Raccoon Toad.
    ③Like Zelda series,you can't take any keys out of the dungeon. The wall that be hit will make a sound can be broken by bombs just like Zelda series.
    ④The order of keys' use really matters. It will decide how far you will walk.
    ⑤The Boss Key is hidden in the B2F. To get it,you need to unlock 4 colours funny faces switchs at first. There's a hidden warp to the B2F in the B1F. The ground that be hit by water drops will make sound can be broken by bombs.

5.BGM Source & Staff
BGM Source:
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!(GBA Remake)
Mario&Luigi RPG:Paper Jam
Kirby Mass Attack
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Metroid
Super Paper Mario

Levels Creator:HengShao
GFX Creators:HengShao
Snoopy Tour
Vanilla 451
Tea-Scripts Coding:Slash-abc
Yave Yu
Bug Fixing:Slash-abc

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An interesting SMBX 1.4.4 CHINESE episode:

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