[WIP] The Star Quest.

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Post #1by MarioMario1010-2 » 30 Apr 2018, 18:24

Well... this is something I've been working on.


1. What is this?
The Star Quest is an episode I've been working on.

2. Tell me about it.
A. The plot.
After so many foiled plans, he decided to go back to his old Super Mario 64 plan. He scattered the stars everywhere and kidnapped Princess Peach, but this time, he made it a bit more special..
Mario & Luigi, the two brothers that are resting at their house. After hearing Parrakarry calling them, they immediately went to their mail box and check their mails. They found a pink mail with beautiful writings inside:
"Dear Mario & Luigi,
Please help us! Bowser kidnapped
Princess Peach again! We need help
Right now! Please come to the castle!
The Mario brothers went to Peach's castle, but only to encounter a white room.
Toad was resting in his house, until he heard an explosion from the castle. He ran outside, only to be greeted with some burning mushroom houses and Bowser flying away on his Clown Car, holding Peach. He immediately chased after Bowser, only to get lost in a white dimension.
Daisy was resting in her palace, minding her own business. Then, she heard a small explosion coming from Peach's castle. Daisy ran to her balcony, use her binoculars to look at the Mushroom Kingdom. She saw Bowser flying away with Peach and the Toad Village panicking below, some mushroom houses were on fire! She decided that it's time to go on another adventure! She went after Bowser right after.

Let me remind you that this is made in SMBX 38A.

Downloads: Not available at the moment, so get lost or something.
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Post #2by Bigadre » 30 Apr 2018, 19:54

If its wip, try posting it in the projects forum

Well, now that thats out of the way, This game looks awesome and i'm exited!
Download an episode here!
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If my episode isn't good enough, please keep it inside as it kinda destroys my urge to keep playing... thank you

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