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Post #1by nexiana » 23 Jan 2017, 17:48

Hi everyone.
As part of a planned gradual revamp of this project (that includes a possibly new mascot), we've (the core dev/project team) decided to work towards getting serious about a new project name. I've archived the older and more outdated thread.

Here's a google forms poll link that everyone's invited to take a look at and select the checkboxes for names they think fit our criteria for a future project name.
Project Name Feedback form

Namely our criteria is essentially that the project name should be simple, fitting and an attractive choice for being associated with PGE's core user-purpose and ideas.

Suggestions for a name not listed may be submitted using the 'Other' checkbox option provided in the form along with an explanation (provided at the bottom of the form) if possible.

Currently the poll is set to last for 6 days (subject to change). An optional tiebreaker might be held if necessary.

Here's hoping we'll hear from you all! Extended discussion or comments for particular name(s) are also encouraged to be posted in this thread.

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Post #2by nexiana » 25 Jan 2017, 3:56

I feel like this is necessary to give a possible idea of why this feedback form exists in the first place. (Note that changing mascots isn't out of the question either.)
Here's two main reasons of why I personally think PGE or Platformer Game Engine isn't good enough.
  • It's too complicated as a name instead of something straightforward, easily recognizable and simple. (Something different could make it easier to attract contributors)
  • Too generic.
  • Getting seen in search engine results is subsequently more difficult due to that genericness partly.

Something like Vulare is not only based loosely on 'Vulpine', a term related to foxes (Not at all an exclusive or important factor for consideration but the lead project dev does have an affinity for foxes in the project) but also simple and straightforward while being a unique name for a FOSS project at least as far as I can see.
//personal opinon

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