Wohlhabend-Networks organization on GitHub has been renamed into WohlSoft

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Post #1by Wohlstand » 13 Sep 2016, 11:02

I want announce you that I just been renamed "Wohlhabend-Networks" into "WohlSoft", therefore be careful, because old name will no more work (all repos will be redirected to the new place)

Wohlhabend-Networks firstly was name of my network with VPN-access and ActiveDirectory which was my hobby while I studied in university, and doesn't fits into our community terms.

Main project repos hosted in the organization are:
  • PGE Project - Game Engine and development tools to create a platform games
  • LunaLUA - a hacking library and ultimate framework over legacy SMBX Engine
  • SMBX Integration - Integration config pack to allow PGE Editor deal with legacy engine and LunaLUA
  • PGE File Library - a C++ library which provides API to work with levels, world maps and game saves for PGE Project, SMBX-64 (Original SMBX Engine) and SMBX-38A (Unofficial Chinese implementation of the SMBX Engine)
  • https://github.com/WohlSoft/PGE-Default - A project of own configuration package for PGE Project to prevent usage of copyrighted Mario graphical and audio stuff (which was inhered from SMBX Engine)
  • etc...

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