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Post #1by EXEcutor-The-Bat » 31 Dec 2018, 7:41

Please note that this is more of a tool than it is an actual NPC.

So if you've played my Super Metroid Boss Rush demo, you may have noticed when fighting Fake Kraid, he automatically changes direction at the ledge. This is not because of the cliffturn=1 script, as it does not affect the Bumpty enemy when in midair. I could've used blocks to allow players to go through but NPCs not to. There's one problem. NPCs such as fireballs would also be affected by this. I messed around with a few different NPCs to see if I could fix that, resulting in using npc-178 to block enemies from passing and allowing projectiles and the player to pass through. As this is very similar to the unused Ripper Tiles from Super Metroid, and the fact I created them for a similar purpose in a Metroid-themed episode, I named this blocker after the Ripper Tiles.

Here is an example of the Ripper Tiles in use:

When using these, it is highly recommended that you replace the npc-178 image with a 32x32 image or something else, as the current image is a placeholder. Also, if you want it to have its original purpose like it did in Super Metroid, just add a line and insert npcblockside=1 in the text document

You can download the NPC here.

This may be a very minor object, but it could be very useful to those who do not know how to code using TeaScript, such as me.
If you need help with anything related to SMBX38A (that isn’t TeaScript) come ask me. I know quite a bit about how expanded NPC text codes and other stuff works.

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