Kookie Covboj 4: Successor - EPISODE 1 - After 25 years

Description: The big story by P4VL0VSKEY
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Topic author, Kookie Covboj
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Kookie Covboj has abandoned the life of an adventurer and started rearing his son. A lot has changed in and around Moondust, but let's start from the beginning. After the gem sold and leaving Julia, Kookie settled with his son where he had previously lived, in a small house on the outskirts of Moondust. A wonderful geographer - Denis Savonchuk, returned to Ukraine, but what happens to him next is unknown. But let's go back to father and son. Kookie Covboj was taking care of his son, but at the same time had a strong remorse. Dreams tormented him. He dreamed of crying Julia. He even wanted to commit suicide. The only thing that stopped him was raising his son. Kookie's father, Artur, heard about his son's poor condition. So he abandoned the life of the mayor and began to help his son and grandson. On his return he found his son with a bottle of beer. He was in shock. He did not recognize his son. But later he understood his problem. He began to drink himself because he could not watch Karol suffer. On the much older Artur, the effects were terrible. The man, being a heavy alcoholic, died. This shocked Covboj, who buried his father, crying bitterly for several months. He decided that he would now focus fully on his one-year-old son. And he had a dream once again. This time he dreamed of Victoria Saint, who... became a luxurious prostitute. He called Victoria and demanded that she come.

Victoria: Well, well, well! Who do I see! My ex-husband! I know what you want. Let's do it quickly.
Karol *in a rough voice*: I don't feel like looking at you.

When they finished Victoria said:

Victoria: I wish I had divorced you! It was amazing!
Karol: Ugh... Go away!

And she left. But Kookie had another dream about Julia crying. He got out of bed, left the house and killed Victoria. He considered her guilty of his treason. And so many years passed. Kookie only drank alcohol when it was night to forget. And his son? He is already 4 years old! Every day he goes to his beloved grandfather - Sheriff Kevin, to shooting lessons and to his favorite teacher - Ekaterina, to get an education, and finally returns to a small chapel to pray for his grandfather, whom he loves and whom he did not meet - Artur. And so for many years. Of course, he also studied piano. Karol II, however, became famous for being much more polite and friendly than his father of a similar age. They were the same in appearance. Blonde hair, blue eyes, slim faces. You could say they were literally twins! And so for 21 years, Kookie II educated in various fields. He also met Vitaly Novichkov, with whom he became very friends. Kookie's son was literally to an elderly Russian, like Kookie I. Witalij focused on helping his daughter, who gave birth to and additionally became the mayor of Moondust. Julia Novichkova quickly learned, on her own, what life was, and she practically did not need the help of her father. The father wanted to help his daughter at all costs. The excess of duties and general exhaustion of the body meant that Vitaly died. Julia, she didn't cry for her father. She gave him a modest funeral and resumed her duties. Sheriff Kevin Waldock, who for many years did not know about the deaths of Arthur, his daughter Victoria and Witalij, also died. He felt abandoned. He has become crazy. He could not stand loneliness and committed suicide. This is the world Kookie Covboj II grew up in. He has finished all his studies today. He is taller than his father and slightly better built. Today, too, on his 25th birthday, he leaves his father to move to Moondust.

Karol (father): Are you ready son?
Karol (son): Yes.
Karol (father): And did you repeat the play of Franz Liszt's pieces?
Karol (son): Yes. Goodbye father.
Karol (father): Goodbye son. I wish you a great career.

Karol I went home. New Kookie Covboj gets on his horse and heads towards Moondust.

Karol: Let's go! Towards justice!

And he set off.


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