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Description: The big story by P4VL0VSKEY
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This time they come to Germany. The city they will visit will be the famous and powerful Munich. They search the streets for something, but cannot find some opportunity to obtain parts. They're thinking about robbing a museum.

Karol: Damn it! There is nothing here!
Julia: And this part is in a museum somewhere?
Kevin: No. It would be too obvious, young lady.
Person: Wait, are you looking for the mechanical part of the Legendary Cowboy?
Karol: Yes... how did you know?
Person: I am an ordinary merchant, but I know English and I heard what you were talking about. You also look like real cowboys to me.
Karol: Do you know where this part is?
Person: Yes. It's far out of town. I could give you a ride there, but my van is broken.
Julia: Do not worry! I am an engineer and I can fix it for free!
Person: I would be very grateful! Let's do this!

And so it happened. Julia repaired the engine, and while she was working, Kookie looked at her a bit, but that's by the way.

Julia: And it's ready!
Person: Great! Thank you! Let's go!
Kevin: Where are we going?
Person: To Nuremberg.
Kevin: Hmm... it's very interesting...

Kevin became interested in the subject of Nuremberg and started talking in German with the Person. And where is little Karol in all this? The son of a famous father with the same name? Well, Julia takes care of him all the time. The girl is holding him in her arms. She is entertaining him all the time. She is like her son. She loves this little boy, who can be called that, became her son. This makes Kookie happy as well, as his dream of creating a great family is slowly emerging. He spends as much time as possible with the aforementioned two. After all, after a long time, they are already in Nuremberg. Engineer Novichkova decided to rest in a hotel and take the child with her. After getting the parts, she asked to be called.

Person: I have to get back now, but ask around for the name of Simon Braun.
Kevin: Thank you!

They started looking and then asking. Eventually a person leads them to a small bar which is dark. There is a very fat man inside. No shoes, only jeans and a white T-shirt.

Braun: Noch mehr Cowboys! Wer von ihnen wird endlich verstehen, dass sie mit mir nicht gewinnen werden? Niemand wird mehr Bier trinken als ich! Ein Teil gehört mir und meins wird bleiben! Meins - Simon Braun!
Karol: Whaaa?
Kevin: He says no one will win against him and no one will drink more beer than him.
Karol: Well, better let those words back! Hey you! You fatty! Give me a beer!

The cowboy sat down at the table. The rules were explained to him. They drink the first beer. Covboj stares at Braun with hateful eyes all the time. Then they drink another beer. And more. Kookie doesn't feel like drinking it anymore. He hates carbonated drinks. Finally, drunk, he picks up the mug and breaks it on Simon's head.

Karol *drank*: I'll hasten you getting drunk, you fatty!

And breaks a mug.

Man 1: Ein Ausländer gewinnt!
Man 2: Das ist aber nicht erlaubt!
Man 1: Aber niemand hat in den Regeln gesagt, dass man nicht angreifen kann!

The aggressive cowboy took his part and killed a few more people.

Kevin: Ah, come here kid!

The sheriff pulls a semiconscious cowboy out of the bar.

Karol *drank*: Hey tits, give me your Julia so I can caress it...
Kevin: Jesus, how did he get drunk... Not only perverted, but also drunk...

Kevin manages to carry the semiconscious Covboj to the hotel. Julia is very concerned about his health because Kookie smells bad of beer.

Julia: But he smells terrible! How many beers has he drunk?
Kevin: Four or five...
Julia: Gah! And he managed to win the mechanical part?
Kevin: Yes. And that's right, Julia, keep an eye on them. I'm going to visit Nuremberg.

Kevin left, slamming the door hard.

Julia: Oh and great! I stayed with two Karols. And what would I do with you boys now?


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