Kookie Covboj 3: Around The World - AFRICA - North Sudan

Description: The big story by P4VL0VSKEY
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Topic author, Kookie Covboj
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The Kookie has come a long way down the Nile. He was exhausted. He doesn't even know where he is. After some time, the forest that surrounded him ends. The cowboy is overjoyed. Can't see people. All he sees is some burned out field. He looks around. He was in the savannah. He located his position on Google maps. A bit funny because the boy is always walking the lowest resistance line.

Karol *to himself*: Oh... uhum... Sudan? What's this?

He put the phone away. His legs ached. He sat in the shade under a huge baobab tree. He was lucky because there were no animals around him. The views, however, are indescribable. Kookie had never seen anything like this. Everything is bright, the colors are vivid, nature is breathtaking.

The sky - beautiful, blue and cloudless. "If only that was water..." thought Covboj. He went to sleep for a while. The word moment is not written here by accident, because phone rings.

Karol *to himself*: Aa! What is it?! Ah, it's just my phone.

He picks up.

Artur: Son! Can you tell me the hell why you're not in Egypt?!
Karol: I was playing with the policemen and... it turned out that I am in... Sudan.
Artur: In Sudan ?! Are you crazy ?! Eh... okay. Hope you are doing well there.
Karol: Yeah, yeah Everything's okay.

The end of the conversation. The dreamer gets up. And he continues his journey. His attention is drawn to the singing.

???: Gifts... to the Lord... His people.
Karol: What? I need to hear it closely.

His eyes appear something like a strange cult. People aren't even dressed. The males only have a few leaves on their genitals. Women do the same, but their breasts are still covered. There are a lot of people. They look like indigenous people. The cowboy hides behind a fallen tree and listens to the population.

Karol *to himself, in a whisper*: What's this? Sudanese porn? Hold on, think about it. No. It's the indigenous people. Denis said something about them, but I can't remember what. Okay, shut up. They go to the bonfire.

Head of the cult: I, the head of this cult, the Egyptian God and the great Pharaoh, speak from this place to You, Lord! This white woman was found on the Egyptian-Sudanese border! She has desecrated your worthy name by touching your perfect pyramid.
Karol *to himself, in a whisper*: Oh no it's Julia!
Head of the cult: We offer you a sacrifice Lord, this precious piece of metal and this white woman who will be eaten for your health, lovely Lord!
Karol *to himself, in a whisper*: Those psychos are going to eat Julia!
Head of the cult: Now, my friends, let us dance our ritual dance for the Lord.

Covboj thinks. He doesn't know what to do. Finally, he gathers courage and wakes Julia, who was not conscious.


Then the people are looking at him.

Cult: White human!
Head of the cult: White man! How dare you interrupt the rites of our wonderful meetings with the Lord! Take your bows and kill him!
Karol: So let's go!

The shooting begins. Kookie is reloading the shotgun. Population shoots. Julia wakes up.

Julia: Aaa... Aaaa! What is this?! Karol?!
Karol: Yes yes I know! You'll find out in a minute, I'm just gonna kill these guys!

The situation was dynamic. People were missing. Kookie Covboj felt much more confident. He stopped hiding behind the cover. Suddenly and out of nowhere, two people from the cult snatched a shotgun from his hands and knocked him to the ground.

Karol: Get off me, homie!

There weren't many people left. The head of the cult comes out of hiding.

Head of the cult: White people! You have hurt my feelings and that of the Lord! White woman! You will be raped for the pleasure of the Lord! Start tearing her clothes off!
Julia: No! Please, no!

Julia starts crying. Kookie can't watch it. He hits the man from the cult lying on top of him in the face with his elbow and takes his shotgun from the other.

Karol: That's your end!

The cowboy attacks the head of the cult. She beats him aggressively in the face. The man spills over with blood and dies. No one has seen such an aggressive Kookie. The child is leaving the house. He's looking for parents.

Child: Mommy!

Kookie grabs the child and broke his neck. He kills the rest of the people. Only he and Julia are in the village.

Karol: Julia! Are you okay honey?!
Julia *cries*: Yes! They just ruined my T-Shirt a bit, but it's okay! That was awful!

Kookie frees his girlfriend from the trap. He hugs her and comforts her. He also gains another mechanical part.

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