Kookie Covboj's Rodeo Adventure 2 - EPISODE 3 - Vacation in Mexico

Description: The big story by P4VL0VSKEY
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Topic author, Kookie Covboj
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Post #1by P4VL0VSKEY » 12 Jan 2021, 19:26

Kookie Covboj is still asleep. Julia got up a little earlier and decided to make breakfast. They always eat the same. Bread with butter. The engineer was already putting food on the table. Preparations are interrupted by a ringing smartphone.

Julia *to herself*: Who's calling first thing in the morning?

She picks up the phone.

Vitaly: Julia?
Julia: Dad? Yes, it's me? Why are you calling?
Vitaly: You know, I just wanted to tell you that me and Karol's dad will be back in 3 weeks. We have important meetings now, everything is prolonging... But I promise you, we will be back as soon as possible!
Julia: Dad, that's great news!
Vitaly: Ha ha! I am happy to! Hope I didn't wake you up!
Julia: You did not wake up! Okay, Dad, I'm going to tell Karol about everything!
Vitaly: Of course! Bye bye!

Meanwhile, the cowboy is still asleep. Has a strange dream. Through the eyes of his imagination, he sees some events and characters.

Victoria: No! I am begging you, Karol, help me!
Kevin: It's all your fault! You left your wife and son!
Artur: Don't worry, son, everything will be fine.

But suddenly she wakes up, Julia hits the pan with the spoon.

Julia: You finally got up!
Karol *sleepy*: Yeah, thanks. I had a strange dream.
Julia: My dad called. Get dressed and go downstairs. I made breakfast.
Karol *sleepy*: Thanks.

He got dressed and went downstairs. He sat down to breakfast with Julia.

Karol: So what did your father say?
Julia: In fact, he just called to say he was back with your dad in a couple of weeks.
Karol: Oh, that's cool!

They finished breakfast. Karol sits down on the sofa. He turns on his PS4.

Julia: Are you playing again?
Karol: Yes, because I'm bored. Christ, I can't even go to the chapel because they are renovating it. Now they say they want to make a church. But what does it even sound like? Church in Moondust! It's funny.
Julia: You're exaggerating, it can't be that bad.
Karol: Well, it's not bad, but your father always said himself that he didn't like big cities, that's why he went here to the Wild West.
Julia: But the idea with the church seems interesting. The more so because they want to put an organ there, like Bach had. Do you think you'd be an organist in this church?
Karol: No. I only play the piano pieces by Liszt and Chopin. From time to time I also like to play songs by Sergei Rachmaninoff. I don't know what to think about it myself. I'm feeling like your father's throwing money down the drain.

Karol loses the game.

Karol: Damn, I lost.

And it turns off the PS4. Julia sits on his lap.

Julia: I think you are too nervous. Maybe we'll leave here, take a break from this Moondust?

Kookie lays on his back.

Karol: Ha, ha, ha! Very funny! I am not even tempted by this proposal. There is nothing to do, that's a fact, but I'm done with the adventures!
Julia: You are not tempted by this proposal?
Karol: No.
Julia: Really no?
Karol: Really.
Julia: I think I can feel your huntsman knife!
Karol: Get off!

The cowboy gets up. Julia laughs. Someone is knocking on the door.

Karol: Julia, relax and I'll see who it is.

Novichkova is laughing all the time. Kookie opens the door. He notices George Bradley.

Karol: George? Was it you knocking on the door?
George: Yes, that's how I knocked. I just wanted to tell you that Mario Idruinn is inviting you and Julia for tea tomorrow.
Karol: Okay, and you know why?
George: Unfortunately, I do not know. He didn't tell me.
Karol: Okay, George! Thanks for the information!
George: Alright! No problem!

Covboj comes home.

Karol: Julia! Finally, we will not be bored!
Julia: Why?
Karol: Mario, invited us for tea tomorrow!
Julia: Yeah!

The next day they left for Idruinn.

Mario: You came! I am very happy!

The cowboy and the engineer sat down. Mario brought them tea.

Karol: So what did you want to tell us, Mario?
Mario: As you know, and maybe not, every now and then I meet my dad who lives in Mexico. Neither my wife nor my daughter want to go there. As I like you and I don't want to go alone, I thought maybe you'd like to go with me?
Karol: Well, I don't thi...
Mario: Great! Then I'll pick you up in my Jeep in the morning!
Julia: We will be waiting for you!

Karol was upset with Julia, but he did not want to reveal it. The mayor's daughter said that such a vacation could do them good, because they had nothing better to do anyway. Kookie still had doubts...

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