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Post #1by DiamondLuigi23 » 5 Jul 2023, 8:54

I plan to create a community-made Mario game, being community-made I am looking for level builders to build some of the game. Each person will work on roughly 9 levels each. I will be making some myself as well.

So far the completion rate on the project is as follows:
Mushroom Kingdom (World 1): 27.273%
Dream Kingdom (World 2): 0%
Night Kingdom (World 3): 0%
Jungle Kingdom (World 4): 0%
Desert Kingdom (World 5): 0%
Ocean Kingdom (World 6): 0%
Space Kingdom (World 7): 0%
Koopa Kingdom (World 8): 0%
Challenge Kingdom (World 9): 0%

I plan on releasing a demo.

More info will be announced as the project continues!

If you would like to help out, please join the Project Mario Discord Server.

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