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The Novaverse Part 1 is the first ever hybrid project combining the aspects of a contest episode, collab episode and original story driven episode with unique story and gameplay elements. It is the first major story episode to force the protagonist (the player) in a villain setting while retaining their heroic qualities.
It utilizes heavy story elements such as well written dialogue, dynamic cutscenes and symbolism/lore/world building to create a unique experience for players and people who generally love story driven games.


The beginning of the Novaverse, explore it through the eyes of Mario from Earth ????, he has been forcefully recruited in Nova's regime to serve Nova in defeating his eternal enemies, the Divine Beings. Explore the vast multiverse, meet the different followers in nova's regime and use the heroic qualities you have to survive in the villain's settings you have been forced in. Bring back the humanity of the fellow followers and defeat an even greater evil who is so called, a servant of Chaos.

Progress reference:

The Episode has estimated progress of 60-65% at the moment, refer to the google sheet for more information on progress. ... PTVvkqdj5uj6U/edit?usp=sharing

The Hybrid qualities and explanation:

This episode features the 2.0 side of the Nova Contest's submissions, here is a video showcasing them:
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

It also features submitted levels by various users which adds the collab aspects to this project and features completely original content, story, hubs and levels. It is the first ever known hybrid episode to use the qualities of a contest episode, a collab episode and combine them with the qualities of an original story driven episode, everything has been planned and put into place to create a smooth experience that makes all of the qualities compliment each other and avoid as much clashing as possible between them. It makes up for a unique experience that has been partly inspired by the episode "Tower of Biased X".


The Missions are the progression system in this episode, your duty as a follower devoted to Nova's regime is to explore the multiverse and go on different places to retrieve Nova Cores, the main source of energy used in the regime. It is unknown if these cores were made by Nova's regime or/and how have they been put in each universe that you will explore.

There are 2 types of Missions, filler Missions and story driven Missions.
The filler Missions contribute nothing to the story and exist solely for gameplay purposes, while story driven Missions are original content that drive the story forward, introduce new characters and make the whole journey worth experiencing.

The filler Missions feature the contest levels and collab levels, they are regarded as their own universes which do not impact the story of this episode.
The story driven Missions feature 3 levels per Mission that are back to back connected and you are required to play through all of them to beat the specific Mission, here are the 4 Missions you are about to explore.

Encounter Dowser's Castle!

Welcome to Dario's universe, where everything is darker than usual, you will be required to go through the hot lands of Dowser's Castle, disable the traps/defence system of the whole Castle and trigger an invasion led by Nova himself.
Can you survive all of the dangerous darker counterparts of Dario's universe?
Along your journey, Dario and Schattenmeister will acompany you, Dario is the lazier and more chilled version of Mario, unable to feel negative emotions, he has never felt the suffering some of Nova's followers felt before they were recruited in his regime and Schattenmeister, he is one of Nova's trusted officers who excels in combat featuring mostly medivial and ninja like weapons.

Beware of the machines and welcome to the Dark Lab!

Say hello to one of your worst nightmares, an A.I. who is about to study everything about you and then proceed to label you as a waste, that's right, this mission has been heavily inspired by the Portal series. You are about to enter an unknown facility full of suprising dangers and an A.I. out to get you, would you be able to outsmart a machine designed to outsmart your tiny brain?
However you are not alone! A mind brighter than yours and his trusted assistent, Luhan and Megan will guide you through the Dark Lab. Luhan is the right hand of Nova, one of his smartest followers who is good at hacking stuff and making sure everything goes by plan and Megan, she is his assistent who will obey any command to protect him, also has unique speech pattern.

Do you like the Walking Dead? Great, now time to experience it but with more technology! The War City is here to bring you an apocalyptic like experience!

Have you ever imagined yourself against millions and millions of zombies equipped with different weapons and means to uterly destroy you? The War City is a dangerous place to visit, the whole city has been turned into a battlefield where zombies rule it with their different equipped weapons and a giant sphere is flying in the sky shooting lazers at you! (Wait, I think I have seen this somewhere before...)
Of course, you wouldn't be alone in this apocalyptic adventure! Meet Reine du Mal and Mugunta, the other 2 officers who serve Nova, Reine is as cold as she can get, likes plants very much but prefers to go solo on Missions and dislikes others due to them often being slower than her and Mugunta, ironicly, the most heroic villain you will ever meet, he has a kind heart and he has devoted himself to be the shield of the regime, defend others in need and save the innocent, as I said, a hero disguised as a villain, he has cool bubble abilities and is very athletic.

The Temple of Time, the place which was once, a base for young Divine Beings who trained to become experienced adults, be careful, great evil is lurking in the shadows and this is the ultimate test to prove your humanity still exists and that your heroic qualities would overcome your obstacles no matter if you are a villain or anti-hero.
Image to be added.

Isn't it strange, to see the ancient history of your Master's eternal enemies? Well, the temple is hidden with unknown magic that is dangerous for the ones who haven't came to term with themselves. Only the ones capable of self acceptance can overcome the obstacles and reach the main hall of the Temple, where the old King and Leader of the Divine Beings once teached every generation after him. However, be careful, great evil is lurking in the shadows, too chaotic to contain. Here, you will be accompanied by Nova's four officers, Schattenmeister, Luhan, Reine du Mal and Mugunta but Nova would also come for an unknown reason to assist you.

How to support this episode:

If you want to support this episode, you can do the following things:
-Put this image in your signature, it is a direct link to the episode's topic and it ensures more people will find out about the existance of this episode.
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-Join the Novaverse Discord server, we have a chill community and you can follow in depth the progress of this episode.
Link to the server:
-Help out with the development of the episode, you can either join the Beta Testing team and provide your feedback in improving the original content or help out with script related work/sprite related work.
Link to the development server:
-Subscribe to the Novaverse Youtube channel and like my videos, it helps me a lot to find more people interested in my content and it helps the Novaverse continue to grow and recruit new people in the development team.
Link to the youtube channel:
Join the discord server about Nova Projects.



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