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Post #1by SadDemon » 20 Apr 2023, 22:45

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Hello and welcome, to the Enchanced Custom Music Collection for TheXTech! :music:

This pack made for creators to easier choose music, and not running around the internet for them.
Most of tracks edited and looped to being perfectly fit as soundtack!

I used "Tag loops" feature to make all tracks looped in certain part of a track, and if you want to reloop or fix a track, or even make your own looped track you can make it easily by your own hands!

To learn how to make it you can see here:

The pack itself, as you can see, heavily inspired by Super Mario Fusion Revival, i tried to fuse trax from various games but also save fresh style
of every track, instead of original track of an old game i placed its cover or even a remix, to fit entire fusion atmosphere, and i hope its compeleted
succefully, also tried to place as much music as can to make this pack useful for any kind of episode, like even you can make full big adventure using
only this pack! I hope i have good music taste!

All other information you can found in ReadMe file.

Its quiet hard to credit all cover, remix and game artists for trax here, if you know them all or some of them you can help to name them all here!
So most of meta data of those trax are saved and you can see about authors while playing them.

Btw cover image for this pack made by me, im pretty good pixel artist and you can check my work on my Twitter page:

Version history:
Update 1.0 - Added: 2 new tracks for EAST theme
Update 1.5 - Added: Super Mario Run OST
Update 2.0 - Added: 1 AZTEC theme, 2 DUNE themes, Alot of new OMINOUS themes + their mashups!
Update 2.1 - Added: "recoil.ogg": Recoil - Want (Instrumental) NFS Undercover Soundtrack
Update 3.0! - Changed: Now all songs moved by their themes! Added: Athletic "dragncnyon.ogg": SASRT Dragon Canyon by Richard Jacques, Ominous "ominous C4.ogg": PG3D Mystifier by Devid'O Brien

Posted it in vanilla thread because i made this pack preferably to use with TheXTech, so other SMBX engines are avalible as an option because they compatible with this feature too!


(all trax are .ogg, so they avalible to use only with TheXTech, 38a or SMBX2.0)

(XTech highly recommended for more features with sound!)
I believe i can FLYYYY!

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