Bug List of Pre-Final Build (Aka Beta 4)

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Post #1by Elf of H & L » 2 Feb 2020, 11:27

Patch 0
The following behavior will threw an error:

1. Loading Credits / Staffs:

(Mutant Vine Bug)

2. Hitting a new blocks with an item on certain IDs:
(This is case-sensitive! RNG [uppercase] not rng lowercase!)

Hotfix 01.7z
(4.31 KiB) Downloaded 2 times

Replace in SMBX2\data\scripts\blocks

(More Soon)

The following behavior is a bug:

1. When using Portal warp across the section, music resets (Same music file with 2 different sections)
2. "Allow NPC" is bugged on:
1) Portal warps
2) Instant warps on the exit side
3) Doors Entrance, across the section
3. Block Train (a.k.a Green Snake Block) not work when standing (Start active works fine), the value "npc.data._basegame.id" is a nil that I'm debugged!

(More Soon)

Additionally, there is a random crash while loading level.

Patch 1
Currently not found.
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