[SMBX2 Beta 3] The Happy Prince - SMBX Edition

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Elf of H & L
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Post #1by Elf of H & L » 26 Aug 2018, 16:19

Inspired from "The Happy Prince".

(Will be reuploaded due to Tinypic is dead)

Level 1: 100%
Level 2: 100%
Level 3: 100%
Level 4: 100%
Current Status: Completed
Overall Progress: 100%

Graphics Used
Luffy & Legend-tony980's SMB3 Recoloured Pack
H2643's GFX Pack
Sednaiur's SMAS Expanded GFX
The Ultimate SMBX GFX Pack

The Happy Prince - SMBX Edition.7z
(8.38 MiB) Downloaded 358 times
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