How to enable Propeller Mushroom, Penguim Suit and other power-ups in SMBX2?

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Post #1by willizika96 » 7 May 2024, 20:45

Hello, recently I've been downloading custom graphics for players (Mario, Luigi etc.) and found some packs that contains sprites of the power-ups of the New Super Mario Bros. series, like the Propeller Mushroom, Penguim Suit and Mini Mushroom, and also the Frog Suit, from SMB3. Though, the SMBX2 editor doesn't has these power-ups. Searching on Google and YouTube I also didn't find a tutorial of how to use/enable them.

Testing the SMBX 38-A editor, I noticed that that editor has these power-ups, and also has the FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine.

But I don't want to migrate do 38-A, specially because my project (The Plumber's Journey) already has world map and almost 15 leves done on Moondust/SMBX2. And I also prefer and got used to the SMBX2 Editor's interface.

So, is there a way to use/enable the aforementioned power-ups in SMBX2? If yes, how can I use/enable them?

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