SMB1 Giga Bowser(3 types)

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Post #1by fnafan8888888888 » 1 Dec 2021, 3:53

I saw how cool and dope SMB1 Giga Bowser in "Mario Forever Types Of Bowser Part 2" video was and decided to port his sprites to SMBX.

SMB1 Bowser, SMB3 Bowser and SMW Ludwig are the bosses that are replaced by SMB1 Giga Bowser graphics.

I really did a hard work editing Bowser's facing sprites to Giga and porting them so credit would be appreciated.

Anyway, here is a showcase video of how he looks like:
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:


I hope you like it and have a great day :)
If there is anything wrong or something you want to suggest feel free to post here.
Also I would like a script request for this boss to act like Giga Bowser from Mario Forever or a custom one(you will be credited), thanks in advance.

* SMB1 Giga Bowser and his fireballs by Dr. SVH:
* Original SMB1 Bowser facing sprites by SilverDeoxys563:
* Song used in the video is Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Bowser Bridge:
* Gray Hammer Bro&Hammer can be found at SMBX GFX Pack by Red Yoshi & supermarioman:

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