(WIP)(Guess who's lazy AF) Kirby GFX Pack

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Post #1by Artmuniz » 9 Jun 2019, 21:45

As it is a work in progress it isn't complete yet.

So this is a Kirby GFX Pack I'm working on, with NPC reskin, blocks reskin(just the overworld ones), Playable Characters reskin(just Link and Peach for now), and some new sounds! so it's a GFX pack with some new SFX.


You can download it Here, for more details about the situation
Click here:
the link was broken, but I fixed it

I might add a changelog I dunno

ah and before I forget, leave a Reply™ cuz that way I'll know what y'all think about the Pack

Also, now I kinda have a computer to keep working on this project, so expect updates if you haven't given up on this 3 years ago lmao :allokay:

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