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Extended Airship/Tank Graphics

Posted: 12 May 2019, 6:17
by P-Switch
This is a pack of graphics I put into SMBX. Most of them are simply from the Super Mario All-Stars Version of SMB3, but two were unused both in the NES and All Stars version (But for some reason still graphically updated with the rest). I still put them inside, if you want to use them. There are also some custom objects I made myself.
This pack also includes 3 customized NPCs, the Large Cannonball(Advanced Tab), the Cannon Bob-omb(SMB2 Tab), and a custom Wooden Crate (SMB3 Tab). NOTE: If you use the crate, make sure to enable "Don't Move" in the Advanced NPC Settings.

Latest Update Changelog: 2 Updates in a single day, who would've thought? the sideways propeller, the up/down propeller, the Tires, the up-background propeller, and the tank treads all have many more animation frames, making them smoother. There's also 2 new tiles, the Circular saw, and the Buzzsaw. Both with the other added objects in the SMB3 Cave Tab.

This being a .plx File, you require Magic Patcher. Just click on the link there to download it.
After downloading both Magic Patcher and the File, you just have to input what level folder (A folder that has the name of the level along with the level inside to select) you want the graphics in, and the .plx file that holds them.
Download is below: