[HELP] Mario & Luigi 8-bit GFX??

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Post #1by RocketRacoon14 » 25 Aug 2018, 20:33

I can not believe I have to ask this in a post, and honestly it seems very clumsy of me. But hey, I'll have to ask:

I remember that a year ago I had the gfx of Mario and Luigi in 8-bits (SMB3) and accidentally I deleted them at the beginning of this year. I thought that just by looking for it again on the internet I could download it again, but NO, I spent hours browsing the endless sea of ​​internet and I did not get it. I do not remember the author of the gfx or where I found them exactly. :facepalm:
You can say I'm a fool, but please ... a little help?

EDIT: I am currently digging into the depths of my computer, and I could find these images ... does anyone know who this gfx is? :SOS:
PNG file at sector 17944232.png
PNG file at sector 9555760.png
PNG file at sector 18455520.png
PNG file at sector 18177800.png
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