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Would you like to see Wario fight Waluigi as the final boss

Yes, I think Waluigi is creepy.
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No, Wario and Waluigi are partners in crime! (friends.)
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I feel indifferent about it.
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Post #1by RadMetalMarioSMIX » 11 Jul 2017, 18:52

Hey everyone I was wondering if someone would help me out and show me how to make a hud for Link's Hearts and help me figure out how to make a Total Coin Count that doesn't reset when it hits 100. I'm making Wario Land VI(6). So I can't have all the money he collects reset it's self. Thank you in Advance. I'm using 38-A 1.4.4 for this game. At the bottom of this post is the Sprite I'm using for Wario and a level screenshot in the game editor. Wario sprite doesn't belong to me. I will give credit to the one who helps, shows, or provides what I needed. This game takes place a few years after Wario Land: Shake It!/The Shake Dimension.

Only for: 38-A 1.4.4 and up+
Game Progress: 10%


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