SMB3 Styled Toadette Playable v3 [2.0/1.4 Compatible]

Description: Place for graphics that are ready to be used in SMBX-38A. You can also post them here.
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Post #1by Quine » 21 Jan 2020, 16:12

(cross post from for 1.4 relevance)
now as a png, with 1.4 power ups. the mega mushroom sprite for 1.4 is just the big sprite upscaled, mostly because it was jarring to use between versions.
credit goes to GeoPyro for the base sprite. if credited, credit as krazybluemonkey/Quine. either or.


-using as a costume in 2.0-
the older method of placing the gfx directly in the episode/level folder still works. you can use this as a costume if you'd like however.
put all the necessary files in <level/episode folder>/costumes/toad/<folder name> and it should be accessible from any costume source. <folder name> can be whatever one wishes. i personally would use SMB3-Toadette.
if you want the costume forced on the player, use this line of lua

Code: Select all

Player.setCostume(CHARACTER_TOAD, "<folder name>")


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