Mega Man Weapons (#1): Blizzard Attack (MM6)

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Post #1by Dry Bones » 5 Aug 2018, 23:56

This is the first Weapon from my Mega Man Weapons Pack, which will contain two Weapons per Game (MM1-MM10 (no specific order)): Blizzard Attack.
As the Name suggests, it is obtained when you defeat Blizzard Man in Mega Man 6. When you use it, it creates four Snowflakes in a trapezoidal Pattern. Two of these appear behind you while one of the remaining two appear below and above you respectively. The ones behind you are shot in the direction you look, while the ones below and above you are shot diagonally. It is effective against one of the (at least in my Opinion) most annoying Enemies: Gabyoalls (although I think that Picket Man are much more annoying). This is represented by the fact that it can defeat Buzzy Beetles and Spike Tops too (which (in my Opinion) can be seen as the Super Mario Equivalent of the Gabyoall Enemy Class (or vice-versa). It is also effective against Plant-based Enemies (Piranha Plants, Nippers),
which is a reference to Plant Man's Weakness towards Blizzard Attack.
(As I already pointed out in the Screenshot Thread: I don't recommend using the Flamethrower Cheat in Combination with the Blizzard Attack due to very loud Sounds and occasional Crashes.)

Download: ...

Next one will be Centaur Flash (MM6).
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