[Bug Fixed] NSMB Items Storage System Script

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Post #1by HengShao » 20 Jun 2022, 15:45

As you see, this is a NSMB Items Storage System script. In this script, once player store an item in the Item Reserve Box, when dropping the item, the item won't directly drop from the Item Reserve Box and ignore the ground, but drop from a certain height (relative screen height, and player's position may be higher than this height) above the player, and finally land on the ground.

Fixed the bug where player can still gain scores when getting the item from the Item Reserve Box.

Introduction and Usage of the Script
Because of some limitations of the original default HUD of SMBX, I used a default SMBX HUD script made by Victor MMR and edited it to make it look like the original default HUD of SMBX (though there're still some differences between the original and the imitative). In this script, if you want to disable the usage of item storage, you need to set the variable 'DisableItems' to 1 (Set it to 0 to cancel the disability of using reserved item).
You can customize the NPC ID and other parameters of items in the script (of course, you also need to change the GFX of npc-70 or npc-69 at the same time). The variables 'id1', 'id2', 'id6' are the default ID of corresponding items, because these items (Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Ice Flower) have more than one kind of NPC to correspond to. The event 'Reset' has nothing to do with the script, its purpose is just to make the items can be obtained unlimitedly from the big ? blocks in order to test the function of Item Storage more conveniently. You can remove this event when using this script.
By all means, you can replace the HUD in this script with your own custom HUD (in order to be compatible with the function of disabling the usage of reserved item and the display problem of Mega Mushroom in the Item Storage Box, you need to edit your custom HUD according to the HUD in this script).

NSMB Items Storage System Script made by HengShao.
Special Thanks to Victor MMR for SMBX default HUD script.

This script may be a little troublesome to use at present, I may release a more user-friendly script in the future. If you have any problem using this script, or encounter any bug in this script, please leave a reply in this topic post, thanks!
NSMB Items Storage System V1.1.rar
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