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Spawning an SMB3 Boss Exit

Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 13:55
by Spectra
I'm currently trying to spawn an SMB3 boss exit when a boss dies with this code:

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with npc(Sysval(param1))
   call ncreate(16, .x, .y, 0, 0, 0, 0)
end with

Though, I seem to be getting errors with the 2nd line.

Posted: 30 Apr 2019, 23:03
by Dry Bones
Can you post a screenshot of the error? I tested the script in SMBX and it spawned infinite ?-orbs at the position the boss (e.g. Boom Boom) each frame as long as it's on the screen. How did you set up the script (NPC Configuration, through Events, etc.)?

Posted: 11 May 2019, 15:42
by Eri7
Why don't you just use events? It's way easier and what you are trying to do with this script is spawn the orb every frame, what you have to do however is detect if the npc died and then spawn the orb.