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Resize Player Script

Posted: 19 May 2018, 10:12
by devblu86
I need a way to resize playable characters through scripting, because resizing using photo editing programs
over size them or look a mess. Re-Scaling them within the engine could work like in mugen or openbor.

Posted: 19 May 2018, 16:51
by Eri7
pwidth = value in pixels
pheight = value in pixels
char(1).pwidth = X
and so on

Posted: 20 May 2018, 3:05
by Ariinui
to have tryed out: i got to warn you:it's glitchy

Posted: 20 May 2018, 8:06
by devblu86
thanks! 'll give it a shot... And if it is glitchy, I'll find a work around. ;)

Posted: 20 May 2018, 18:54
by Ariinui
if you find out, tell me :P