A few character specific things (no crouching, more animation, etc.)

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Post #1by Void-the-Bat » 20 Nov 2017, 2:35

So I've been working on Sonic replacing Link, but here are some issues...

    I have some sprites that are about the same size as Mario's, but the positioning of some of the sprites should be better. (The amount of Sonic's walking animation frames has to be shortened, which isn't a problem, but the fact that they aren't positioned correctly makes his walking look odd.)
    Link's jumping animation is actually his crouching animation, so I was thinking about disabling crouching for him so his crouching animation could be jumping as crouching would be disabled. (although this would be an easy one for TeaScript)
    Adding more animation frames for one sprite (similar to the NPC direction style + offset setting in the NPC text code editor)
    And being able to defeat/hurt enemies from any direction when in a specific animation state (such as jumping) but still be hurt by projectiles and spiky enemies no matter what

(Honestly, it would be nice if 38A used a different format of the player sprites.)
If you need help with anything related to SMBX38A (that isn’t TeaScript) come ask me. I know quite a bit about how expanded NPC text codes and other stuff works.

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