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(Request) Lost Levels Red Piranha Plant and Green Springboard

Posted: 8 Aug 2017, 14:44
by NermalCat79
Since even I thought my previous request is probably impossible (even if it isn't, it would turn out crap), here's something which is probably more possible and I think it would be needed.

My request is the red Piranha Plant (replacing SMB3 green one) from the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2. (Lost Levels), which instead of staying in the pipe when you're on it, it even comes out when you're standing on the pipe. My second request is the mega springboard also from Lost Levels (replacing upwards SMW red springboard), which when you jump on it, it rockets you to the sky and you will stay in the air for a few seconds (you can still move to the right), then you will fall down to the ground or anywhere (depends on where you position your land).