Switching Blocks by Jumping

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PK Esper F
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PK Esper F
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Post #1by PK Esper » 14 Jul 2017, 10:39

Is it possible to do something like this? If so, how?

What I mean by the thread is, have you played Super Mario Galaxy? When you press the jump button, the blocks (or flipping platform) will switch. I tried to do this without anyone's help but I'm currently stuck at this:

Code: Select all

if keypress(-16)

If you help me, I'd appreaciate it.
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Post #2by GreenMario » 20 Jul 2017, 21:20

I had a TON of work to fix the glitches that kept happening but here is it:

Change the Phanto masks to whatever you want to indicate it.


If someone can find a way to make this use less scripts,variables,etc. please tell me.

The variables and how to use are on the scripts.Hope it help you!And Good Luck on your levels/Projects! ;-)
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