Scripts I'll need for my project Super Mario Run World

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Post #1by Bulletbill510 » 29 May 2017, 21:10

In order for my project to be good and successful, here is a list of scripts that I'll need if anyone knows any.
Note: The list may be updated if more scripts are needed.

Script List:
Pause Blocks from Super Mario Run (I haven't seen any pause block graphics yet so maybe someone will make some if they want to)
A script that rotates blocks/layers (Not the one that makes them go in a circle in one position)
A script for npc platforms to make mario stop running when he is standing on the center of the platform and then runs again when he jumps off. (Just like stage 2-2 in Super Mario Run)
A good rain effect (Not the dynamic rain effect where the rain looks kind of glitched when it lands on a slope)

That's all I have to list so far.
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