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[Fixed] Editor Crashes When Attempting Certain Actions

Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 2:36
by Sambo
If I hit the 'Cancel' button on the "select position" window that appears when setting a warp to leave the level and go to the world map, the editor crashes. Otherwise, this function works normally.

The editor also crashes if I try to reload configurations. It gets to "loading tiles," then crashes.

Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 8:38
by Wohlstand
1) Ouch, ill fix that EDIT: Crash has been Fixed, hotfixes are been uploaded
2) that because unfinished optimization works, so, that temporary, anyway I'm trying to avoid this crash.

Posted: 14 Jan 2019, 19:37
by Wohlstand
Everything has been fixed long time ago. Trashing this thread into Archive ;-)