SuperFighter Deluxe 1.3.4

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Post #1by GamingTv » 24 Jun 2017, 18:26

Superfighter Deluxe is a multiplayer 2D action game where little flat-headed men fight to the death in small and highly destructible arenas. Surviving each round takes skill, strategy and/or luck. is made be johan hjarpe and alexander siigur (gurt)
-Guns: bazoka-grenade launcher-shotgun-sawed-off shotgun- Submachine gun-assault rifle-tommy gun-M60-sniper_rifle-
magnum-revolver-pistol+silenced-uzi+silenced-flare gun
-Melee weapons: knife-Axe-machet-katana-bat-police baton-pipe....

Special Abilities: grabing other players (and punch/throw theme)- throw items like knife on somone his will lost hp-diving.....

To play this game go to this link:
and register thene download the game

Video of the game:
phpBB [youtube]

Original link:

Also you can change textures of weapons
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