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Post #1by Lx Xzit » 14 Sep 2016, 23:06

This is the last thing I have to report. :P

There's a little confusion with the statuses in the game. I made a quick test and I realized the game won't reset the memory (I mean like it does in the editor when you press F8) when you get back to the intro, which causes some problems. This confusion happens only if there's more than 1 save file in the episode:

Original link: https://vimeo.com/182757908

Curiously, Mario and Link works right but with Luigi Toad and Peach it doesn't. If you close and open the game again, the statuses will appear as they should.

There are more problems regarding save files but I don't find a correct way to explain them, anyway, I think all the problems are associated with this one. So if the game resets the memory when the player get back to the intro too, it should fix all the problems I guess.
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Post #2by Alvespires » 15 Sep 2016, 0:21

Lx Xzit wrote:This is the last thing I have to report. :P

That's what you said on last post

Anyways,How can you find that much bugs?I can't find even one,and you find a ton.
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